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Biographical notes on Eigil Holm

Biographical notes on Eigil Holm

I am a biologist, beekeeper, writer and publisher. I graduated from the
University of Copenhagen, Denmark, in zoology, botany, geology, and
geography half a century ago. I have worked in Denmark, Greenland,
Australia, Congo, Namibia,Cabo Verde Islands and Jordan.
I have written 80 books, most of them about biological subjects, beekeeping
and agriculture. I have worked scientifically on bird pollination in Denmark
and Australia.

Books in English  by Eigil Holm
1 Eigil Holm: Queen Breeding and Bee Genetics. See the review below. 2010 Pris 290 DKK

2. The Biology of Flowers. - Penguin Books 1979.

3  Artificial insemination of the queen bee. - Gedved 1986.

4. On Pollination and Pollinators in Western Australia . Gedved 1988.,

5. Life Science 1 and 2 (for Namibia). 1988 to 1991.

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